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Friday, 27 February 2015

Holy Qur’an Accords with Human Nature

Of all the current revealed Books on earth, the Holy Qur’an is the only Book which is conclusively proven to be the Word of God. Its teachings for salvation are based entirely on truth and are in accordance with human nature. Its doctrines are so perfect and firm that strong proofs bear witness to their truth. Its commandments are based upon truth. Its teachings are free from every type of polytheism, innovation and worship of creatures. It is full of eagerness for the manifestation of the Unity of God and of Divine greatness and of the perfection of the Lord of Honour. It is replete throughout with the Unity of the Divine and does not tolerate any kind of deficiency or defect or unworthy attributes in the case of the Creator. It does not impose any doctrine by mere authority, but sets down reasons for the truth of that which it teaches. It establishes every purpose with proofs and arguments. It sets forth reasons for the truth of every principle and carries the mind to perfect certainty and full understanding. It repels all evils that afflict people’s doctrines, actions and words, and works with bright reasoning. It teaches good manners, the knowledge of which is necessary for every human being. It repels every corruption with as much force as that which inspires the corruption. Its teaching is straightforward and strong and secure, as if it were a mirror of the law of nature and is a true reflection of it. It is an enlightening sun for the insight of the heart. It expounds the details of the principles of reason and corrects its deficiencies.

Other books that are called revealed are in their present condition deprived of all these perfect qualities and contain many wrong conceptions with regard to the Being and attributes of the Divine. The followers of these books profess strange doctrines. Some of them deny God being the Creator and All-Powerful and set themselves up as His partners in being eternal and self-existent. Some set up idols and images and deities as partners with the Divine and managers of His kingdom. Some fashion sons and daughters and grandsons and grand-daughters for Him. Some worship Him in the form of an alligator or tortoise. In short, they run ahead of each other as if the Perfect Being is most unfortunate that He has not been able to attain the perfection which reason demanded for Him. When I discovered people involved in such false doctrines and afflicted with so much error my heart trembled and melted and I felt it a bounden duty and obligation to write this book for their guidance, which I shall fully discharge.

[Brahin-e-Ahmadiyya, Ruhani Khaza’in, Vol. 1 pp. 81-83]

Comprehensiveness of the Holy Qur’an

The holy and perfect teaching is that of the Holy Qur’an which nourishes every branch of the human tree. The Qur’an does not stress only one side. Sometimes it urges forgiveness and forbearance on condition that they should be appropriate, and sometimes on proper occasions, it directs the punishment of an offender. In truth the Holy Qur’an is a picture of the Divine law of nature, which is visible everywhere. It is perfectly reasonable that the word of God and the work of God should be in accord with each other, that is to say, as the work of God Almighty appears in the world, the true Book of God should teach in accordance with that work, and not that His work should manifest one thing and His word should manifest something else. We observe in God's work that there is not always forgiveness and forbearance but that He punishes offenders with diverse types of chastisement. Such punishment is mentioned in the previous Books also. Our God is not only Compassionate but is also Wise and His torment is great. The True Book is the one which is in accord with this law of nature, and the True Word of God is that which is not inconsistent with His work. We do not find that God has treated His creation always with compassion and forbearance and that there is no chastisement. Even today, God Almighty has, for the chastisement of the wicked, prophesied through me the occurrence of a great and terrible earthquake which will destroy them.
[Chashma-e-Masihi, Ruhani Khaza’in, Vol. 20, pp. 346-347]
We had raised an objection to the current Gospels that the Gospels do not provide for the development of all man's faculties and that even the portions of them relating to moral qualities are taken from the Torah. This caused great humiliation to the Christian priests. To this some Christians replied that:

Divine Books are concerned only with morals and that the punishment of offences is not appropriate for a Book of God, inasmuch as offences should be punished according to changing circumstances which are unlimited and it is not proper that there should be a fixed law laying down penalties. Every penalty should be such as is in accord with the times and is helpful for the warning and restraint of offenders. Fixed penalties are not beneficial for the reform of people. In the same way, civil, criminal and revenue laws should not be fixed and rigid, as they would create difficulties under changing circumstances. For instance, they might adversely affect commercial conditions which have become current and cannot be avoided, or a penal law might not be helpful where offenders have become accustomed to one kind of punishment, or may not be amenable to it.

I would say that this type of thinking proceeds from people who have not studied the Holy Qur’an with care. The directions contained in the Holy Qur’an with regard to civil, criminal and revenue matters are of two types. One, which lays down the details of punishment or of procedure, and the other which only prescribes the principle and does not lay down any specific direction. The purpose of the latter is to provide guidance for the meeting of new circumstances. For instance, at one place the Holy Qur’an lays down the rule of a tooth for a tooth and an eye for an eye. This is a detail. In another place, the principle is set forth:

‘The penalty for an offence is chastisement in proportion thereto.’—al-Shura, 42:41

On reflection we find that this principle is laid down for the widening of the law in cases where the specific law cannot be carried into effect. For instance, if a person who has lost his own teeth breaks the tooth of another, he ceases to be amenable to the rule of a tooth for a tooth, for he has no teeth himself. In the same way, if a blind person should destroy the eye of another person, he cannot be deprived of his own eye, for he has none. The Holy Qur’an lays down general principles to meet such cases and by doing so encourages everyone to deduce rules suitable to every case. It is a pity that the Torah does not follow this method and the Gospel is wholly deprived of this teaching. It only lays down a few moral exhortations, but they are not part of any code or system of law. The statement of the Christians that the Gospel has left legal matters to the intelligence of people is not a matter of pride, but one of remorse and shame, for whatever is not laid down as universal law and is not spelled out in terms of any regulatory principles, is liable to be misused and become an evil, however good its purpose might be.

[Kitab-ul-Bariyyah, Ruhani Khaza’in, Vol. 13, pp. 87-88]

God Almighty, Who knows the secrets of the hearts, is witness that if anyone is able to point out a defect in the teaching of the Holy Qur’an to the extent of a thousandth part of a particle, or is able to point out an excellence in his own book, which is opposed to the teaching of the Qur’an and excels it, we would be prepared to submit ourselves to the penalty of death.

[Brahin-e-Ahmadiyya, Ruhani Khaza’in, Vol. 1 p. 298, sub footnote 2]

Verities of the Holy Qur’an in This Age

I was young and am now old and people can bear witness that I never concerned myself with worldly affairs and was always interested in matters of the faith. I have found the Word which is called the Qur’an of the utmost holiness and full of spiritual wisdom. It does not deify any man and does not bring God into contempt by excluding souls and bodies from His creation. The Holy Qur’an in the end brings down that blessing on the heart of man for which a religion is embraced and makes him the heir of Divine grace. Then having found a light, how shall we revert to darkness and having eyes how shall we become blind?

[Sanatan Dharam, Ruhani Khaza’in, Vol. 19, p. 474]

It is well established that the Holy Qur’an has duly perfected the faith, as it affirms itself:

This day have I perfected your religion for you and have completed My favour unto you, and am pleased to choose Islam as your faith. al-Ma’idah, 5:4

Thus there is no need for any other book after the Holy Qur’an, for it sets out all that is needed by man. Now only the door of converse with God is open, but not automatically. True and holy words which are obviously charged with Divine help and comprise many hidden matters, are acquired after the purification of the soul only through following the Holy Qur’an and obeying the Holy Prophet [peace and blessings of Allah be on him].

[Chashma-e-Ma‘rifat, Ruhani Khaza’in, Vol. 23, p. 80]

For every revelation the way of Allah which is mentioned in the Holy Qur’an, is the guide, guardian and leader. It is not possible that any revelation should be vouchsafed contrary to this way, for that would amount to falsifying Holy Scriptures.

[Majmu‘a Ishtiharat, Vol. 2, p. 84]

The clear miracle of the Holy Qur’an which can manifest itself to every people and by presenting which we can silence everyone, whether an Indian, Persian, European or American, is the unlimited treasury of insights, verities and wisdoms, which are expounded in every age according to its need and stand as armed soldiers to refute the thinking of every age. If the Holy Qur’an had been limited in its verities and insights, it would not have amounted to a perfect miracle. Beauty of composition is not a matter the miraculous nature of which can be appreciated by every literate and illiterate person. The clear miracle of the Holy Qur’an is the unlimited insights and fine points which it comprises. A person who does not admit this miracle of the Holy Qur’an is altogether deprived of the knowledge of the Qur’an. He who does notbelieve in this miracle does not estimate the Qur’an as highly as it should be estimated, and does not recognize God as He should be recognized, and does not honour the Holy Prophet [peace and blessings of Allah be on him] as he should be honoured.

Bear it in mind that the miracle of unlimited insights and verities which are contained in the Holy Qur’an has accomplished more in every age than has the sword. All the doubts that every age raises according to its circumstances, and all the claims of superior insights that are put forward, are completely refuted by the Holy Qur’an. No Brahmu Samajist, Buddhist, Arya or any other philosopher can put forward a Divine verity which is not already comprised in the Holy Qur’an. The wonders of the Qur’an will never cease. As the wonderful qualities of the book of nature have never come to an end in any previous age, but appear ever fresh and new, the same is the case with this Holy Book, so that the word of God and the work of God should be proved to be in accord.

As I have written before, very often the wonders of the Holy Qur’an are revealed to me and are such that they are not to be found in the commentaries. For instance, it has been revealed to me that the period that elapsed between the creation of Adam and the advent of the Holy Prophet [peace and blessings of Allah be on him] is mentioned in Surah al-‘Asr in the value of its letters and amounts to 4,740 lunar years. This fine point which discloses the miracle of the Holy Qur’an is not mentioned in any commentary. In the same way, God Almighty has disclosed to me that the meaning of:

‘We sent it down on the Night of Destiny.’—al-Qadr, 97:2

is not only that the Qur’an was revealed in a blessed night, but that it also has another meaning which I have set out in my booklet Fath-e-Islam. Which commentary mentions all these verities? It should be borne in mind that a multiplicity of meanings of the Holy Qur’an does not create any contradiction, nor import any defect in the guidance of the Qur’an. Indeed the light of the greatness of the Qur’an is enhanced by the addition of one light to another. Since time on account of limitless changes gives rise to limitless ideas, as a matter of course, it is necessary for the Holy Qur’an to manifest itself in ever new forms, to disclose ever new knowledge, and to refute all innovations and novelties. In these circumstances, if a Book which claims to be Khatam-ul-Kutub were not to meet new contingencies, it would not establish its claim. If this Book comprises everything that is needed in every age, we would have to confess that it comprehends unlimited insights, and that it takes care of the needs of every age.

It should also be remembered that the way of Allah with every perfect recipient of revelation has been that the hidden wonders of the Qur’an are revealed to him. It often happens that a verse of the Holy Qur’an is conveyed to the mind of a recipient of revelation and its purpose is something different from its original meaning. Maulavi ‘Abdullah Ghaznavi has written in a letter that on one occasion he received the revelation:

‘We said: O fire be cool and a means of peace and security.’

but that he could not comprehend its import. He then received the revelation

‘We said: O steadfastness be cool and a means of peace and security.’

Then he understood that in his case fire had meant steadfastness.

[Izala-e-Auham, Ruhani Khaza’in, Vol. 3, pp. 255-262]

This is an age in which thousands of objections and doubts have been raised and Islam has been attacked from many directions. God Almighty has said:

There is not a thing but We have unlimited treasures thereof, and We send them down in regulated and known quantities. al-Hijr, 15:22

Thus, this was the age of the disclosure of spiritual and temporal verities that are hidden in the Qur’an which refute and reject every kind of philosophical and unphilosophical faith, for they could not be disclosed without their need having arisen. Now that attacks were made by the new philosophy, the time came for the manifestation of those insights. It was not possible that without the manifestation of those insights, Islam could be victorious against all false religions. A victory by the sword means nothing and is wiped out by the decline of temporary power. True and real victory is that which is achieved with an army of insights and verities. This is the victory that Islam is now achieving. This prophecy related to this age and it was so understood in the past. This is an age that demands that the Holy Qur’an should disclose all the meanings which are hidden in it 

An intelligent person can easily understand that no creation of God the Glorious is without fine and wonderful qualities. If one carries out a research till the Day of Judgement into the qualities and wonders of a fly, they would not come to an end. Then are not the wonders and qualities of the Holy Qur’an even as many as those of a fly? Without doubt, those wonders are in excess of the total wonders of the whole of creation and to deny them would be to deny the Divine origin of the Holy Qur’an for there is nothing in the world which proceeds from God Almighty and does not comprise unlimited wonders

The verities and fine points which foster understanding are always disclosed according to need. New corruptions call for ever fresh meanings, which are full of wisdom. It is obvious that the Holy Qur’an is a miracle in itself, and the greatness of its miracle is that it is comprehensive of unlimited verities, but they are manifested at their due time. As the difficulties of the time demand, those hidden insights are disclosed. Look! secular knowledge, most of which is opposed to the Holy Qur’an and is so misleading, is spreading rapidly. Currently, wonderful changes are being brought about in mathematics, physics and philosophy. Was it not necessary that at such a time the door to progress in faith and understanding should also have been opened, so that facilities might become available for repelling every new mischief? Know it for certain then that the door has been opened and God Almighty has determined to disclose the hidden wonders of the Holy Qur’an to the arrogant philosophers of the world. Half-baked Mullahs, who are the enemies of Islam, cannot frustrate this design. If they do not desist form mischief, they will be destroyed and visited by such Divine wrath that will grind them to dust. These fools do not apprehend the prevailing circumstances. They desire that the Holy Qur’an should appear as defeated, weak, small and insignificant, but it will now march forward like a champion. It will roar like a lion and devour the entire worldly philosophy and shall demonstrate its own supremacy and fulfil the prophecy: 

‘....that He may cause it to prevail over all religions.’— al-Saff, 61:10; This verse also appears in al-Tauba, 9:33 and in al- Fath, 48:29.

and culminate in the spiritual fulfilment of the following prophecy:

‘He will surely establish for them their religion.’—al-Nur, 24:56

It is not possible to establish faith in the world to its perfection by means of compulsion. Faith is established upon the earth when no other faith remains standing in opposition to it and all opponents lay down their arms. That time has now arrived and cannot be blocked by the ignorant Mullahs. Now the son of Mary, whose spiritual father is none other than the True Teacher, who also resembles Adam on this account, will distribute Qur’anic treasures among the people, so much so, that the people will become satiated and will be unable to accept more, and everyone will have had his fill according to his capacity. 

[Izala-e-Auham, Ruhani Khaza’in, Vol. 3, pp. 464-467]

Knowledge of Holy Qur’an and Promised Messiah

This is the wealth concerning which it had been prophesied that the Messiah would distribute it so much that people will have their fill of it. The prophecy does not mean that the Messiah would collect together material wealth concerning which it has been said:

‘Your possessions and children are but a trial.’—al-Taghabun,64:16 

and that he would deliberately put people on trial by distributing wealth among them. In his first advent also, the Messiah felt no attraction towards worldly wealth. He has stated in the Gospel that the property of a believer are not gold and silver, but are the jewels of verities and understanding. This is the property that is bestowed by God Almighty on the Prophets, which they distribute. It is concerning this property that the Holy Prophet [peace and blessings of Allah be on him] said:

‘I am a distributor and Allah is the Bestower.’

It is stated clearly in the Ahadith that the Promised Messiah would come into the world when knowledge of the Qur’an will be lost and ignorance will prevail. That is the time which is referred to in the Hadith:

If faith ascends to the Pleiades it will be brought down by a man of Persia.

It has been revealed to me in a vision that the climax of that age will begin in the Hijri year which corresponds to the value of the letters of the verse:

‘It is We who determine its taking away.’—al-Mu’minun, 23:19

which amounts to 1274.

Consider this well and do not pass over it in haste and supplicate God that He should open your minds to it. A little reflection will make you understand the prophecy contained in the Hadith that in the latter days the Qur’an will be taken away from the world, its knowledge will be lost, ignorance will prevail and the eagerness and sweetness of faith will depart from the hearts. Among them is the Hadith that if faith will ascend to the Pleiades and will disappear from the earth, a man of the Persians will extend his hand and will bring it down. This Hadith shows clearly that when ignorance, faithlessness and error, which are described as smoke in the other Ahadith, will become widespread and true faith will become so rare as if it had been drawn up to the skies, and the Holy Qur’an will be abandoned as if it had been raised towards God Almighty, at that time, a man of Persia will take hold of the faith from the Pleiades and will descend with it to the earth. Be sure, therefore, that he is the son of Mary who was to descend.

[Izala-e-Auham, Ruhani Khaza’in, Vol. 3, pp. 452-456]

The Holy Qur’an’s Lofty Station—Acknowledged by the Holy Qur’an itself

All knowledge is comprised in the Qur’an, but the intellect of people falls short of it. One of the principal causes of people going astray in this age is that in the eyes of most people the greatness of the Holy Qur’an no longer prevails. One group of Muslims has become the follower of misleading philosophy. They seek to decide every matter by reason. They claim that the highest arbiter available to man for the settlement of disputes is reason. When they find that the existence of Gabriel, Azrael and other angels that are mentioned in religious books, and the existence of heaven and hell as is established in the Holy Qur’an, cannot be proved by reason, they immediately reject them and begin to have recourse to flimsy explanations. They interpret angels as meaning powers, revelation only as a faculty, and heaven and hell as meaning merely spiritual comfort or pain. They do not seem to realize that reason alone is not the instrument for discovery of the unknown. Indeed high verities and extreme insights are far above the reach of reason and are established only through true visions. If the touchstone for verities were to be reason alone, the great wonders of Godhead would remain hidden and man's understanding would remain incomplete and imperfect and he would not be rid of doubts and suspicions. The end of this one-sided understanding would be that in the absence of guidance from above and without any knowledge of the lines of thought that are set in motion by the Power on High, all sorts of doubts would arise with regard to the existence of the Creator Himself. Therefore, the idea that reason alone is sufficient for unravelling all the intricate mysteries of the True Creator, is wholly unsupportable.

The second group has discarded reason altogether and has also left aside the Holy Qur’an which is the fountainhead of all knowledge of things Divine and has taken firm hold of stories and meaningless sayings. We desire to draw the attention of both these groups to the Holy Qur’an and to urge them to value its greatness and its light, and to make use of reason in receiving the guidance of its light. They should leave aside the sayings of other people, and even if they should find a Hadith which contradicts the Holy Qur’an, they should discard it immediately, as God Almighty has said in the Holy Qur’an:

In what discourse, leaving aside the Holy Qur’an, will they believe? al-A‘raf, 7:186

It is obvious that, for us Muslims, the Holy Qur’an is an authority of the highest grade which is absolute and certain. Most Ahadith, even when authentic, are at best useful probabilities.

‘Surely conjecture avails nothing against truth.’—Yunus, 10:37
Study the following verses carefully and then consider whether it is proper to leave aside the Word of God and to set up some other guide or arbiter. These verses are:
 This Qur’an guides to the way which is straight; Bani Isra’il, 17:10

To the worshippers it provides guidance about true worship; al-Anbiya’, 21:107

To those who are righteous, it is a reminder of the excellences  of righteousness; al-Haqqah, 69:49

And surely it is the true certainty; al-Haqqah, 69:52

It is wisdom par excellence; al-Qamar, 54:6

It is certain truth and is universal in scope; al-Nahl, 16:90

It is light upon light; al-Nur, 24:36

A cure for the souls; Yunus, 10:58

The Gracious God revealed the Holy Qur’an. al-Rahman, 55:2-3 

He has revealed the Book which is the truth and is a balance for weighing the truth. al-Shura, 42:18
It is guidance for mankind and contains the exposition of guidance. It discriminates between truth and falsehood by its reasoning. al-Baqarah, 2:186
It is a decisive discourse. al-Tariq, 86:14
It is free from doubt. al-Baqarah, 2:3

We have revealed it to thee so that it might decide matters concerning which there is difference and so that believers may be provided with guidance and mercy. al-Nahl 16:65
It comprises all the verities which were contained in the previous books in a scattered form. al-Bayyinah, 98:4
Falsehood cannot approach it from fore or aft. Ha Mim al-Sajdah, 41:43

It comprises clear proof for people and is a guidance and a mercy for those who have faith. al-Jathiyah, 45:21

Then leaving aside Allah and His Signs, in what discourse will you believe? al-Jathiyah, 45:7

It follows that if a Hadith is contradictory of the Holy Qur’an, it must be rejected. If it can be interpreted as being in accord with the Holy Qur’an, it might be accepted. The meanings of the remaining verses is:

Tell them that by the Grace and Mercy of Allah this Qur’an is a precious possession which you should accept with joy. It is better than the properties which you gather together. Yunus, 10:59

This is an indication that no property is as valuable as knowledge and wisdom.

Matchlessness of the Holy Qur’an

Whatever comes into being by the exercise of God's perfect power, whether it is a part of creation, or it is a Holy Book literally revealed by Him, it is necessary that it should possess the quality that no one out of creation should have the power to produce its like. This is proved in two ways; one is by way of deduction. God is One and without associate in His Being, attributes and works, and this does not admit of any partnership with Him in any of His creations, words or actions. If such partnership were permissible in respect of any of His creations, words or actions, then it would be permissible in all His attributes and actions, and as such it would be permissible that there should be another God. That which possesses all Divine attributes would be God and that which possesses some of the attributes of the Divine, would be a partner of God in respect of those attributes, and this is contrary to reason. It follows that it is necessary that God should be One without associate in all His attributes and words and actions, and His Being should be free from all those inconsistencies which would lead to someone being His partner.

Secondly, it is proved by observation of all those things which have been created by God that none of them could be created by man, not even the least of them like a fly, a mosquito or a spider. On observing their shape and formation, one sees such wonders that furnish conclusive proof of the existence of the Creator of the universe. Besides all these arguments, it is clear to every wise person
that were it permissible that someone other than God could have the power to create that which God has created by His power, then no part of creation could be cited as proof of the existence of the True Creator and the matter of His recognition as the Creator would become doubtful; for if some of those things that have been created by God Almighty could be created by someone else, then there is no reason why someone else cannot create everything that God has created.

Now that it is established that it is necessary that that which God has created should be matchless and its matchlessness is conclusive proof of its being from God, this is a complete refutation of the proposition that it is not necessary that the Divine word should be matchless, or that its being matchless is no proof of its being from God.... Matchlessness is a speciality of the work and word of God. Every wise person knows that the principal means that reason has for establishing the Godhead of the Divine is that everything that proceeds from God is so matchless that it is conclusive proof of the Unity of the Creator. Had this means not been available, the way of reason reaching God would have been closed.

[Brahin-e-Ahmadiyya, Ruhani Khaza’in, Vol. 1, pp. 149-182]

The Holy Qur’an is a Book which has proclaimed its own matchlessness and has claimed its own greatness, its wisdom, its truth, the beauty of its composition and its spiritual lights. It is not true that the Muslims have themselves put forward these excellences on behalf of the Qur’an. It sets out its own merits and excellences and puts forward its matchlessness and peerlessness as a challenge to the whole of creation and calls out loudly: Is there any contestant? Its verities and fine points are not confined to two or three which would leave room for doubt on the part of an ignorant person, but are like the surging ocean and are visible in every direction like the stars of heaven. There is no truth that lies outside it. There is no wisdom that is not comprised in it. There is no light that is not obtainable through following it. These things are not without proof and are not mere words. It is an established and clearly proved verity which has been shining through 1,300 years. We have set out this verity in great detail in this book and have expounded the fine points of the Qur’an at such length as to constitute a surging ocean for the satisfaction of a seeker after truth.

[Brahin-e-Ahmadiyya, Ruhani Khaza’in, Vol. 1, pp. 662-665, footnote 11]

Beauty and Perfection of the Holy Qur’an

I call Allah to witness that the Holy Qur’an is a rare pearl. Its outside is light and its inside is light and its above is light and its below is light and there is light in every word of it. It is a spiritual garden whose clustered fruits are within easy reach and through which streams flow. Every fruit of good fortune is found in it and every torch is lit from it. Its light has penetrated to my heart and I could not have acquired it by any other means. And Allah is my Witness that if there had been no Qur’an I would have found no delight in life. I find that its beauty exceeds that of a hundred thousand Josephs. I incline towards it with a great inclination and drink it into my heart. It has nurtured me as an embryo is nurtured and it has a wonderful effect on my heart. My self is lost in its beauty. It has been disclosed to me in a vision that the garden of holiness is irrigated by the water of the Qur’an, which is a surging ocean of the water of life. He who drinks from it, comes to life; indeed, he brings others to life.

[A’ina-e-Kamalat-e-Islam, Ruhani Khaza’in, Vol. 5, pp. 545-546]

The expression Khatam-un-Nabiyyin which has been applied to the Holy Prophet [peace and blessings of Allah be on him] demands that the Book that was revealed to him, should be the most perfect of all books and should comprise all excellences; and indeed so it is. The rule is that whatever degree of spiritual power and inner perfection is possessed by the person upon whom the word of God descends, the same degree of power and majesty is possessed by that word. As the spiritual power and inner perfection of the Holy Prophet [peace and blessings of Allah be on him] were of the highest degree, which no one exceeded or will exceed, therefore the Holy Qur’an occupies that high station and rank which has not been reached by any of the previous books or scriptures. The capacity and spiritual power of the Holy Prophet [peace and blessings of Allah be on him] were the highest of all, and all excellences had reached their climax in him. Therefore, the Holy Qur’an that was revealed to him is also perfect and as the excellences of Prophethood reached their climax in him, the excellences of the miracle of the word reached their climax in the Holy Qur’an. Thus he was the Khatam-un-Nabiyyin and his Book was the Khatam-ul-Kutub. From the point of view of every aspect of a miraculous word, the Holy Qur’an is at the highest stage.

The perfection of the Holy Qur’an is seen and its miraculous character is proved from every point of view, that is to say, from the points of view of excellence of composition, of the sequence of its subjects, of its teaching and its perfection and of the fruits of its teaching. That is why the Holy Qur’an has not demanded its match from any particular point of view, but has issued a general challenge demanding a match from any point of view. From whichever point of view it is looked at, it is a miracle.

[Malfuzat, Vol. III, pp. 36-37]

The Holy Qur’an is a miracle the like of which never was and never will be. The door of its graces and blessings is always open, and it is bright and manifest in every age as it was in the time of the Holy Prophet [peace and blessings of Allah be on him]. It should also be borne in mind that the speech of everyone corresponds to his high resolve. The higher the resolve and determination and the purpose of the speaker, the same will be the case with his speech. Divine revelation also follows the same rule. The higher the resolve of the person to whom Divine revelation is vouchsafed, the higher will be the character of the revelation. As the circle of the resolve, capacity and determination of the Holy Prophet [peace and blessings of Allah be on him] was very wide, the revelation that came to him had the same high rank. No one else will ever attain the same degree of resolve and courage inasmuch as his message was not for any limited time or for any particular people, as was the case with the Prophets before him. It was said about him:

‘Say, O mankind! truly I am a Messenger to you from Allah.’—al-A‘raf, 7:159
and again:

‘We have sent thee not but as a mercy for all peoples.’—al- Anbiya’, 21:108

The fine verities pertaining to religion, and all the learning pertaining to the subject of Divinity, and conclusive arguments in support of the truth together with the mysteries and insights that are set out in the Holy Qur’an, are such that human faculties collectively are not able to discover them nor can the intelligence of an intelligent person alight on them on its own. A consideration of past ages has shown that no philosopher or wise man was able to discover all that knowledge. But in this case, there is a wonder upon wonders, that is to say, that knowledge and insight were bestowed upon one who was entirely unlearned. He had never seen a school nor read a book nor kept company with any learned or wise person. He lived his life among wild people, was born and brought up among them and kept company with them. The Holy Prophet [peace and blessings of Allah be on him] being unlettered is a matter so patent that no historian of Islam is unaware of it.

[Brahin-e-Ahmadiyya, Ruhani Khaza’in Vol. 1, pp. 561-563]

Holy Qur’an Fulfils the Purpose of the Scriptures

I wish to convey it to everyone that the Holy Qur’an is the Book which fulfils all these needs. Through it, a person is drawn to God and his heart grows cold to the love of the world. For those who follow it, God, Who is hidden beyond the hidden, in the end manifests Himself and displays those powers of which outsiders have no notion, and informs of His existence by the affirmation: I am present. But the Vedas certainly do not possess this quality. They are like a worn out bundle whose owner is dead or is not traceable. The Permeshwar towards whom the Vedas call is not proved to be living. Indeed, the Vedas put forward no proof that their Permeshwar exists. The misleading teaching of the Vedas has rendered it doubtful that one could find the Creator through His creation; inasmuch as, according to the teachings of the Vedas, souls and particles are all eternal and uncreated, then how can one discover the Creator through that which is uncreated? Also, the Vedas shut the door of Divine revelation and deny the fresh Signs of God. According to the Vedas, Permeshwar cannot display a Sign in support of His special servants which should be beyond the knowledge or experience of the average person. The utmost that can be said about the Vedas is that they affirm the existence of God like an average being, and do not put forward any certain proof in support of the existence of God.

In short, the Vedas cannot bestow that understanding which comes fresh from God and conveys a person from earth to heaven. However our observation and experience, and of those who have passed before us, is witness that the Holy Qur’an draws its true follower to itself through its spiritual effect and its inherent light and illumines his heart, and then, by displaying great signs, creates such a strong relationship with God as cannot be cut asunder by a sharp sword. It opens the eye of the heart, banks up the dirty spring of sin, honours one with the delicious converse of God, discloses that which is hidden and helps acceptance of prayer and gives information of it. God Almighty, through His awe-inspiring signs, makes it manifest to everyone who opposes a true follower of the Holy Qur’an that He is with that servant of His who follows His Word.

[Chashma-e-Ma‘rifat, Ruhani Khaza’in, Vol. 23, pp. 305-309]

God, in whose meeting is man's salvation and eternal happiness, cannot be found without following the Holy Qur’an. Would that people could see that which I have seen and they could hear that which I have heard and give up following stories and run towards reality. The means of obtaining perfect knowledge through which one can see God, the cleansing water which removes all doubts, and the mirror through which one can behold that High Being, is the converse with God which I have just mentioned. He whose soul seeks the truth should arise and search for it.

I say truly that if souls were inspired by true search and hearts felt true thirst, people would look for this way and would search for it. I assure the seekers that Islam alone gives the good news of this way, for other people have since long sealed up the possibility of revelation. Be sure that this seal is not set by God, but as man has deprived himself of this favour, he seeks excuses for its absence. As it is not possible that we should be able to see without eyes, hear without ears, or speak without a tongue, in the same way, it is not possible that we should be able to behold the countenance of the sweet Beloved without the Holy Qur’an. I was young and am now old, but I have found no one who might have drunk of this clear understanding without this holy fountain.

[Islami Usul ki Philosophy, Ruhani Khaza’in, Vol. 10, pp. 442-443]

The straight path and the principal means which is full of the light of certainty and constant experience, and is the perfect guide for our spiritual welfare and our intellectual progress, is the Holy Qur’an which is charged with the settlement of all the religious contests of the world. Each and every word of it consistently carries thousands of repeated confirmations and it contains a large quantity of the waters of life for us and comprises many rare and priceless jewels which are hidden in it and are being displayed every day. It is an excellent touchstone whereby we can distinguish between truth and falsehood. It is the one bright lamp which shows the way of truth. Without doubt, the hearts of those who have a relationship with the straight path are drawn to the Holy Qur’an. Gracious God has so fashioned their hearts that they are drawn towards this beloved like a lover and find no rest elsewhere, and hearing a plain and clear directive from it, they listen to nothing else. They accept joyfully and eagerly every verity contained in it. In the end, it becomes the means of illumination of the heart and lighting up the conscience and of wonderful disclosures. It leads everyone to the heights of progress according to their capacities. The righteous have always been in need of walking in the light of the Holy Qur’an.

Whenever Islam has been confronted with any other religion in consequence of some new condition of the age, the sharp and effective instrument that has immediately come to hand is the Holy Qur’an. In the same way, whenever philosophic thought has been given publicity in opposition to it, the Holy Qur’an has destroyed that poisonous plant and has so humiliated it as to provide a mirror to its students which shows up the true philosophy which is contained in the Holy Qur’an alone and nowhere else.

In the modern age, when Christian missionaries started their propaganda and made an attempt to draw away unintelligent and ignorant people from the Unity of God and to make them worship a humble creature and employed every kind of sophistry for dressing up their doubtful ideas and thus created a storm in India, it was the Holy Qur’an which repelled them so that they are not now able to face a well-informed person and their extensive apologetics have been folded up like a piece of paper.

[Izala-e-Auham, Ruhani Khaza’in, Vol. 3, pp. 381-382]

Purpose of Scriptures

We are a witness and testify before the whole world that we have found in the Holy Qur’an the reality that leads to God. We have heard the voice of God and have witnessed the signs of the mighty arm of Him Who has revealed the Qur’an. We believe that He is the True God and is the Master of the worlds. Our heart is filled with this certainty as the ocean is filled with water. We, therefore, invite everyone to this faith and to this light on the basis of enlightened perception. We have found the true light which dispels all darkness and which really renders the heart cold to all that is beside God. This is the only way by following which a person emerges from the grip of passion and the darkness of the ego as a snake sloughs off its skin.

[Kitab-ul-Bariyyah, Ruhani Khaza’in, Vol. 13, p. 65]

It is an obvious fact that the great merit of anything lies in its fulfilling the purpose for which it has been made. For instance, if a bullock is purchased for ploughing land its merit will be judged by the degree to which it is able to discharge its function of ploughing. In the same way, it is obvious that the true purpose of a heavenly Book is that it should rescue its followers from every sin and the sinful life through its teaching and influence, and its power of reform and spiritual qualities, and should bestow a pure life upon them, and after purifying them, should bestow upon them full insight for the recognition of God and should establish a relationship of love and devotion between them and the Peerless Being, Who is the Fountainhead of all joys. In truth, this love is the root of salvation and this is the paradise on entering which all fatigue, bitterness, pain and torment are removed. Without doubt, the living and perfect revealed Book is the one which should lead a seeker after God to his goal and, rescuing him from a low life, should lead him to the True Beloved, meeting Whom is salvation itself. It should rescue him from all doubts and should bestow such perfect understanding upon him as if he can see God. It should establish such strong relationship between God and him that he should become a faithful servant of God and God should be so benevolent towards him that He should make a distinction between him and those beside him with diverse types of His help and support and should open the gates of His understanding to him.

If a book fails to discharge this duty, which is its real purpose, and seeks to establish its merit by making other irrelevant claims, it would be like a person who claims to be an expert physician, but when a patient is brought to him and he is asked to heal him, he replies that he is unable to heal him, but that he knows how to wrestle, or that he is an expert in astronomy or philosophy. It is obvious that such a person would be called a jester and would deserve the condemnation of all reasonable people. The chief purpose of a Book of God and a Messenger of God is to rescue the world from a life of sin and to establish a holy relationship between God and the world. It is not their purpose to teach people subjects of secular study and to instruct them in worldly inventions.

It is not difficult for a reasonable and just person to understand that the purpose of a Book of God is to lead people to God, and to make them believe in Him as a certainty, and to stop them from committing sin by impressing the majesty and awe of God upon their hearts. Of what use is a book which cannot cleanse a heart, nor can bestow such pure and perfect understanding as should make one hate sin? The attraction of sin is a dangerous leprosy which cannot be healed till the manifestations of the living understanding of God, and the signs of His awe, greatness and power, descend like rain and till a person perceives God with His aweinspiring powers as a goat perceives a tiger which is only two steps away from it. Man needs to be freed from the fatal passion of sin. The greatness of God should so occupy his heart that it should rid him of the overpowering desire of passion which falls upon him like lightning and instantly consumes his store of righteousness.

Can such impure passions as attack repeatedly like epilepsy and destroy all sense of piety be wiped out by any self-conceived concept of God? Or can they be suppressedby one's own thinking, or be blocked by an atonement whose suffering has not been personally experienced? Certainly not. This is not a matter of indifference but in the estimation of a wise person it is worthy of consideration above all else as to how he might safeguard himself against the ruin which confronts him on account of his daring and his lack of relationship with God, the root of which is sin and disobedience. It is obvious, that a person cannot give up a certain pleasure for the sake of a conjecture. It is only a certainty that can rescue one from another certainty. For instance, if we are certain that there are a number of deer in a forest whom we can easily catch, we are incited by that certainty to enter the forest for that purpose; but if we are also certain that there are half a hundred lions in the forest and thousands of blood-thirsty pythons, we would be dissuaded from making the attempt. Thus, sin cannot be avoided without this degree of certainty. It is only iron that can break iron. There should be that certainty of the greatness and awe of God which should tear up the curtains of heedlessness, and should make the body tremble, and should make death appear near. The heart should be so overcome by fear that all relationship with the sinful ego should be cut asunder and one should be drawn by hidden hands towards God and the heart should be filled with certainty that God Who is truly present does not leave a daring offender without punishment. What shall a seeker after true purity do with a book which does not fill this need?

Muhammad SAW is our Leader and Guide (Persian Poem)

That Prophet whose name is Muhammad;
We are forever holding on to his lap.

His love that entered our bodies with the milk of ourmothers;
Became our very life, and will last till death.

He is the best of the Prophets and best of the creation;
Prophethood found perfection in him.

We drink deep the water of his fountain,
Whoever has been satiated, has been satiated by it.

Whatever revelation or inspiration is granted to us;
Is because of him, not because of us.

Through him are we blessed with guidance and perfection;
Without him, meeting the Eternal Lord is impossible.

To follow every one of his commandments is ingrained in me;
Whatever is proven to be from him is my faith.

[Siraj-e-Munir, Ruhani Khaza’in Vol. 12, p. 95]

Muhammad SAW is the Proof of Himself (Persian Poem)

There is a wonderful light in the person of Muhammad;
There is a wonderful ruby in the mine of Muhammad
The heart is cleansed of all darkness
When it joins the lovers of Muhammad.

Alas for the hearts of those unworthy ones;
Whom turn their backs upon the hospitality of Muhammad.

I know not of anyone in both the world;
Who has a station equal to Muhammad.

God is utterly displeased with the person;
Who bears a grudge against Muhammad.

God Himself burns that worthless worm;
Which is among the enemies of Muhammad.

If you wish to be delivered from the stupor of the lower self;
Come and join the ranks of the lovers of Muhammad.

If you desire that God should praise you;
Become a true admirer of Muhammad.

If you desire a proof of his truthfulness, become his lover:
Muhammad himself is the proof of Muhammad. 
My body craves to be sacrificed for the dust of Ahmad’s feet;
My heart is ever eager to die for Muhammad.

By the tresses of the Prophet of God!
I would die for the illumined countenance of Muhammad.

Cut me to pieces or burn me to death,
I will not turn away from the court of Muhammad.

For the sake of faith, I fear no one in the world:
For I am coloured after the faith of Muhammad.

How easy it becomes to renounce the world,
When remembering the beauty and grace of Muhammad!

Every particle of my being has been sacrificed in his path;
I have witnessed the latent beauty of Muhammad.

I know not the name of any other teacher;
I have studied at the school of Muhammad.

I have nothing to do with any other beloved;
I am a prey to the loving ways of Muhammad.

I only crave a single glance;
I need nothing but the garden of Muhammad.

Search not for my anguished heart in my bosom;
I have surrendered it to the lap of Muhammad.

I am the merriest among the birds of Paradise;
That have built their nests in the garden of Muhammad.

You have illumined my heart and soul with love;
My life is an offering to you, O Muhammad!

Were I to sacrifice my life for him a hundred times;
Alas! it would not be worthy of the high station of Muhammad.

So awe-inspiring is the station granted to this champion;
No one can even dare to compete with Muhammad.
Beware, O foolish and misguided enemy!
Beware of the sharp sword of Muhammad!
The path of the Lord God, which mankind has lost;
Seek it in the progeny of Muhammad.
Beware, O denier of the status of Muhammad
And of the manifest light of Muhammad!
Even though miracles are no more;
Come and witness them among the devotees of Muhammad.

[Announcement February 20, 1893, Majmu‘a Ishtiharat, Vol.1, pp. 371-372]

Praise and Appreciation of the Holy Prophet SAW (Persian Poem)

Can I ever succeed in adequately praising the exalted leader;
Whom the heaven and earth and both the worlds cannot praise enough?

The station of nearness that he has achieved with the Eternal Beloved
Is beyond the ken of all those who have ever attained nearness to God.

None in this world can even dream of
The favours with which the eternal beloved continues to visit him.

He is the leader of the elect of God and king of the company of lovers;
His soul has traversed every stage of union with the Beloved.

That blessed one who is the manifestation of divine signs,
Came as a mercy from the Nourisher of all the worlds.

His is the exalted and unique station in the divine court;
Which is beyond the reach of the elect and the great.

He is Ahmad of the latter days,
Who is the source of honour for those who came before;

For those of the latter days he is the leader,
Haven of refuge, security and strength.

His distinguished threshold is the ark of protection For the whole creation;
No one on the Day of Judgement will attain salvation, But through his intercession.

He surpasses all and every kind of excellence;
The heavens are a mere speck of dust compared to his great resolve.

He manifests the light which had been hidden since eternity;
He is the source and exordium of sunrise, which was hidden since eternity.

The chief of the heavenly congregation and a proof of God on earth;
A great and powerful sign of the existence of the Creator.

Every vein and particle of his being is the abode of the Eternal Beloved;
His every breath and particle is imbued with the beauty of the Friend.

The beauty of his countenance far exceeds a hundred suns and moons;
The dust of his threshold is superior to a hundred pieces of musk for Tataristan.

He is beyond human reason, thought, and imagination;
How can thought dare reach out to that limitless ocean!

His soul is the first to proclaim: ‘Bala’—‘Yes, indeed!’
He is the Adam of faith in the Unity of God;

Even before the creation of Adam,
He had communion with the Beloved.

It is embedded in his nature to lay down his life For God’s creatures;
He is ever ready to sacrifice himself for the downtrodden; And he is the help of the helpless.
At the time when the world was filled With idolatry and polytheism;
No heart wept blood But the heart of that sovereign.
No one was aware of the evil of polytheism And the filth of idols;
Ahmad’s soul alone was cognizant of it: His heart was lost in Divine love.
Who knows and who is aware Of the cries of the intercessor
Which arose for the sake of mankind In the silence of the cave.
I cannot fathom the pain, The agony, and the distress,
Which brought him to the cave, So troubled and full of anguish.
He was afraid neither of the dark, Nor of loneliness;
He did not fear death, Nor was he scared of scorpions or snakes.
He deeply loved his people,
He was devoted to mankind and the world;
He cared little about his bodily comfort,
Nor about his personal needs.
He raised cries of pain For the good of mankind;
Day and night he was preoccupied In supplication to God.
His humility and prayers Caused a great commotion
In the heavens: The angels too were moved to tears

At last, because of his humility,
His prayers and supplications,
The Lord turned with compassion
To the dark and gloomy world.

The world was rocked
By a great storm of sin;
In every land people became blind and deaf
Because of sin and polytheism.

In the time of Noah,
The world was filled with every mischief;
No heart was free
From darkness and dust.

The devils had ruled
Over every body and soul;
Then the All-Powerful Lord appeared in glory
To the soul of Muhammad.

His grace encompasses alike
The black and the white;
He it is who sacrificed his life
For the sake of mankind.

O Prophet of Allah!
You alone are the sun of the path of righteousness;
No pious or righteous one, without you
Can find his way to the right path.

O Prophet of Allah!
Your lips are the life-sustaining fountain;
You alone are the guide
To the path of the True Lord.

There is the one who seeks to hear your sayings
From Tom, Dick and Harry;

There is another who doesn’t have to wait:
He hears directly from your own lips.
He indeed is alive, who drinks from your fountain;
Wise is he who follows you.

The ultimate point of knowledge for those who know,
Is the knowledge of your face;
For the truthful, steadfastness and loyalty to you
Is the height of truth.

Without you no one can ever attain
The wealth of true knowledge;
Even if he dies in the exercise
Of unlimited devotion and worship.

To bank on one’s own efforts
Without the love of your countenance,
Is to be naïve
For he who is unaware of your face,

Can never see the face of virtue.
Each moment a new light is attained
Through the love of your countenance,
Which the seeker cannot attain

In a whole lifetime.
Of the wonders of the universe,
Whatever is beautiful and sublime;
I clearly behold in you.

No time is better than the time
Spent in your love;
Nor is any pastime more pleasant
Than that devoted to your praise.

Since I am cognizant of your unlimited virtues,
I am eager to sacrifice my life for you;
Whereas others are content with their services.
Everyone supplicates for himself

In his prayers, but;
O my garden of eternal spring!
I supplicate only for your progeny.

O Prophet of Allah!
I am lost in love with every particle
Of your holy person;
Were I to have a hundred thousand lives,
I would bequeath them all
To be sacrificed in your path.
What is the truth about submission to you,
And love for your countenance?
It is a panacea for every heart,
An elixir for every lacerated soul.
How worthless is the heart,
That does not bleed for you!
How useless is the life,
That is not sacrifice for you!
Because of your love,
My heart does not fear death;
Look at my steadfastness:
I am walking to the scaffold
With a smile!
O mercy of God!
We have come to you seeking your mercy;
Like us, there are hundreds of thousands of hopefuls
Waiting at your threshold.
O Prophet of Allah! I offer my being
For your lovely countenance;
This head of mine, lying heavy on my shoulder,
Is but an offering in your service.
Ever since I have been allowed
To witness the light of the Holy Prophet;
His love, like a spring,
Has been gushing forth from my heart!

The fire of devotion
Emanates from my breath like lightening;
O weak hearted companions!
Move away from my proximity.

Ever since I saw his countenance in a vision,
My heart is in ecstasy;
My very being, my body, and my soul,
Are but an offering at the altar
Of his body and his countenance.

I see hundreds of thousands of Josephs
In the dimple of his chin;
I see countless Messiahs
Being born by his breath.

He is the sovereign of the seven continents;
He is the sun of the East and the West;
He is king of both the worlds;
He is a haven for the humble.

Successful is the heart,
Which treads faithfully in his path;
Lucky is the head,
That is sacrificed for that warrior.

O Prophet of Allah!
The world is dark with disbelief and idol worship;
It is time you revealed your face
Which is bright like the sun.

O my beloved! I see the light of God
Reflected in your countenance;
I see the heart of a wise person
Intoxicated with your love.

Lovers and the enlightened
Recognize your station;
But the eyes of the bat
Cannot see the bright midday sun.

Everyone in this world has a beloved, but;
O beloved of rosy countenance!
I am devoted only to you.

Out of the entire world,
I have fallen in love with your lovely face;
I have forsaken my own self for you.

What is life?
To be sacrificed it in your path;
What is freedom?
To be like a prey in your captivity.

As long as I live,
Your love will always dwell in my heart;
As long as blood flows in my heart,
It will always be sustained by my love for you.

O Messenger of Allah!
My ties with you are very strong indeed;
I have been devoted to you
Ever since I was a suckling infant.

At every step I have taken towards Allah,
I have seen you as an invisible helper,
A supporter and a guide.

In both the worlds,
So strong is my affiliation to you:
You have nourished me
Like a baby in your lap.

Recall the time when you revealed
Your countenance to me in a vision;
Recall the time when you visited me
With great longing and eagerness.

Call to mind the kindness and favours
That you showered upon me;]
Call to mind the glad tidings
You conveyed to me from the Lord.

Recall the time, when in full wakefulness,
You granted me a glimpse
Of the loveliness of the charming face
And the beauty which is the envy of Spring.

[A’ina-e-Kamalat-e-Islam, Ruhani Khaza’in Vol. 5, pp. 23-28]

Leader of the Lovers of God (Persian Poem)

That sovereign of all the world; Whose name is Mustafa—the chosen one;
Who is the elite of the lovers of the True God; Who is bright like the midday sun.

Verily, all light is due to his light;
He who is accepted by him is accepted by God.

He is the one that, for life, is the flowing water;
And a limitless ocean of spiritual insight.

He it is in support of whose truthfulness and excellence,
Hundreds of incontrovertible proofs and arguments have been made manifest to the world.

His countenance radiates the light of God;
His path manifests the works of God.

All Prophets and truthful ones are his devotees;
They are like dust at his doorstep.

Love for him elevates one to the heaven;
And transforms one like the lambent moon in purity.

He demonstrates to the Pharaohs of every age,
Hundreds of signs like that of the white hand of Moses.

[Brahin-e-Ahmadiyya, Ruhani Khaza’in, Vol. 1, p. 627, footnote]

The Status of Ahmad SAW (Persian Poem)

My heart is aflame praising the Holy Prophet;
Who has no peer in excellence.

Who loves the Eternal Friend with all his heart,
And whose soul is in communion with the Beloved.

He who is the recipient of divine favours,
And has been brought up like a child in the lap of God.

He is an ocean of virtue and piety,
And is a unique pearl in all its splendour.

In generosity and beneficence, he is like the spring rain;
His bounties and favours are like those of the sun.

He is ever merciful and is the sign of divine mercy;
He is gracious and is the manifestation of divine grace.

His countenance is so blessed that one glimpse of it
Transforms an ugly face into a beautiful one.

Like a star, his enlightened soul has lit up
Countless hearts which were full of darkness.

He is so blessed that his coming
Signifies the mercy of the Lord of all the worlds.

He is Ahmad of the latter days, it is for his light
That human hearts became brighter than the sun.

He is more beautiful than all the progeny of Adam;
He is purer than the purest pearl.

From his lips issues forth the fountain of wisdom;
His heart overflows with the water of Kauthar—the heavenly stream.

For the sake of God, he repudiated all else;
On land and sea there is none like him.

God has granted him the lamp
Which is forever immune from any danger or windstorm.

Champion warrior of the Lord God;
Wearing his dagger with great dignity.

His arrow has demonstrated its swiftness in every field;
His sword has displayed its skill everywhere.

He proved the helplessness of idols to the world;
He plainly showed the power of the One, All-Powerful God.

Lest the idols, their makers, and worshippers
Should remain ignorant of the power of God.

He loves truth, straightforwardness and uprightness;
He is the enemy of falsehood and evil.

He is the master, yet he is a servant to the helpless;
He is the king, yet he is like a servitor to the weak.

The compassion that the world received from him,
None has ever experienced even from a mother.

He is intoxicated with the wine of the Beloved’s love; For His sake, he is so prostrate and humble.
His light reached out to every people, And lit up every country.

For everyone with insight, he is the sign of the Gracious God;
He is the proof of God for all who have eyes to see.

Out of compassion, he is the help of the helpless;
With his loving kindness, he shares the grief of the grief-stricken.

His countenance exceeds the sun and the moon in beauty;
The dust of his threshold is more fragrant than musk and ambergris.

How can the sun and the moon be like him?
In his heart shine hundreds of suns of divine light.

A single look at the beautiful one
Is better than eternal life.

I who am so well aware of his beauty,
Will give my very life, while others offer their hearts.

Remembrance of his countenance Sends me into transports of ecstasy;
I am in a state of perpetual intoxication, Having drank from his goblet.

I would keep on flying towards his lane forever; Had I but the wings.
Of what use are to me the two lips and the sweet basil, When I have fallen in love with that beautiful face.

His beauty pulls at the strings of my heart; The powerful one drags me along with great force.
I found him to be the light of the eyes; And in its impact, his love is like the bright sun.

Resplendent became the face that did not turn away from him.
He found the remedy, who held on to his threshold.

Everyone who dares enter the ocean of faith without him,
Misses his port at the very outset.

He is unlettered, yet peerless in knowledge and wisdom;
Can there be brighter testimony than this?

God granted him that elixir of knowledge and understanding;
Before whose dazzling light, every star paled into insignificance.

Through him the all human potentials
Were fully actualized.

Every excellence is culminated in his holy person;
Without doubt the reign of all Prophets ended with his coming.

He is the sun for all time and space;
He is the guide of all—the black and the brown.

The meeting point of the ocean of knowledge and recognition of Allah;
Combining in him the attributes of the sun and the shade.

My eyes searched all around but did not find
A fountain fairer than his faith.

For seekers, there is no guide except him;
For pilgrims, there is no leader other than him.

His is the exalted station whose intensity of light
Would scorch the wings of the Holy Spirit.

Almighty Allah has granted him the Law and Faith,
Which is forever immutable.

First he shone upon the land of the Arabs
To cleanse it of all evil.

Then the light of faith and holy law
Covered the world like the sky.

He gave to the people the elixir of life
And rescued them from the jaws of the dragon.

The monarchs of the time were wonder-struck,
As were the sages dumbfounded.

No one could equal his knowledge or power;
He has humbled the pride of the arrogant.

What need has he that anyone should glorify him;
To praise him is an honour for the one who praises.

He resides in the beautiful garden of purity and grandeur;
Far above the imagination of those who praise him.

O Allah, convey our greetings to him
And to his brotherhood of Prophets.

We are the humble servants of all the Prophets;
We lie like dust on their threshold.

May our life be sacrificed for the Prophet,
Who showed the way to the True God

O my Lord, by the host of the Prophets,
Whom You sent with Your abundant grace;

Grant me wisdom, as You have granted me a yearningheart;
Grant me the wine, as You have granted me the goblet.

O my Lord God, for the sake of Your chosen one,
Whom You supported at every step;

Hold my hand with compassion and generosity;
Be my Friend and Helper in all my affairs.

My reliance is on Your power even though
I am like dust, or even humbler still.

[Brahin-e-Ahmadiyya, Ruhani Khaza’in, Vol. 1, pp. 17-23]

Manifestation of the Eternal God (Persian Poem)

Except the Lord of Mercy,
Who can ever comprehend the lofty station of Ahmad SAW
He effaced himself to such an extent
As if the letter ‘M’ had fallen away from the name ‘Ahmad’ SAW

So lost was he in the Beloved Lord,
That because of his extreme love
His person became the very similitude
Of the Gracious Lord.

From his holy countenance
Emanates the fragrance of the True Beloved;
His divinely inspired person and its attributes
Became the very mirror of the Eternal Lord.

Even if I am accused of heresy and disbelief,
I cannot help saying:
There is no loftier Divine Throne
Than the heart of the Holy Prophet—Ahmad SAW

God be thanked
That despite opposition on the part of the worldly-wise
I would court a thousand and one troubles
For the sake of that Spring of Grace.

By the grace of God
And by His bounties
I am an enemy of the Pharaoh and his hordes,
Because I love this Moses of mine—the Holy Prophet SAW

The unique and exalted station Of the Holy Prophetsa as revealed to me
(was so passing strange) that
I can't help proclaiming it aloud
If only I could find
One eager heart along the path.
This alone is my wish, my prayer, and my firm resolve
That may my heart and soul be sacrificed
In the sacred path of love
For the Holy Prophet Muhammadsa.
[Taudih-e-Maram, Ruhani Khaza’in, Vol. 3, pp. 62-63]

Thursday, 26 February 2015

126 Tahun Jemaat Ahmadiyah | Perlunya Kedatangan Sang Imam

126 Tahun Jemaat Ahmadiyah yang jatuh pada tanggal 23 Maret 2015, berikut ini ringkasan Khutbah Jumat Hazrat Khalifatul Masih V pada tanggal 22 Maret 2013 yang beliau sampaikan di Masjid Baitul Futul London. Dalam khutbah tersebut Imam Jemaat Ahmadiyah menyampaikan pesan universal kepada anggota Jemaat Ahmadiyah khususnya dan kaum muslimin umumnya.

Khutbah beliu bertema mengengai 'Perlunya Kedatangan Sang Imam' yang beliau sampaikan dalam rangka memeringati Hari Masih Mauud yang jatuh pada keesokan harinya. Berikut ringkasan khutbah yang diambil dari situs resmi Jemaat Ahmadiyah International.

Perlunya Kedatangan Sang Imam

Sebuah syair bahasa Urdu Hadhrat Masih Mau’ud as berbunyi: "Ini adalah waktu Almasih dan tidak ada yang lain"
Seandainya aku tidak datang, orang lain pasti akan datang!
Hadhrat Masih Mau’ud ‘alaihish shalaatu was salaam menyatakan dalam salah satu selebaran beliau: ‘Sebagian orang yang bodoh berpikir bahwa aku berdusta menyatakan sebagai penerima wahyu. Ini tidak benar. Bahkan ini terjadi melalui Tuhan yang Maha Kuasa Yang telah menciptakan langit dan bumi dan alam semesta. Pada saat ketika keimanan kepada Tuhan berkurang, seseorang sepertiku diciptakan dan Tuhan berbicara kepadanya, dan melaluinya Tuhan menampakkan mukjizat-mukjizat-Nya. Begitu banyak sehingga orang memahami bahwa Tuhan memang ada.’

Hadhrat Khalifatul Masih bersabda bahwa besok adalah 23 Maret, hari yang dirayakan sebagai hari Masih Mau'ud. Berkaitan dengan hal ini, khutbah hari ini adalah mengenai kebenaran Hadhrat Masih Mau'ud as, pertolongan dan dukungan Tuhan kepada beliau, perlunya seorang imam zaman dan seruan Hadhrat Masih Mau'ud ‘alaihish shalaatu was salaam kepada umat muslim untuk menerima beliau, dengan kata-kata beliau sendiri.

Hadhrat Masih Mau'ud ‘alaihish shalaatu was salaam bersabda: 'Kejadian-kejadian di langit dan bumi yang merupakan sebuah tanda kedatangan Masih Mau'ud semuanya telah terjadi dimasaku. Beberapa waktu yang lalu gerhana matahari dan bulan terjadi di bulan Ramadhan, dan komet juga telah muncul. Gempa bumi juga telah datang, dan wabah juga telah merebak. Kristen telah menyebar keseluruh dunia dengan kekuatan besar dan sebagaimana telah tertulis dalam atsar, aku telah disebut kafir dengan sangat keras. Pendeknya. Semua tanda-tanda telah muncul, dan ilmu dan makrifat yang membimbing orang ke jalan lurus juga telah menjadi jelas.' 
Mengenai kebenaran beliau, Hadrat Masih Mau'ud ‘alaihis salaam menulis: 'Aku melihat bahwa orang yang mau mengikuti alam dan hukum alam telah diberikan kesempatan bagus oleh Allah Ta'ala untuk menerima pendakwaanku, sebab mereka tidak dihadapkan pada kesulitan-kesulitan seperti dialami oleh para penentang kami yang lain. Mereka tahu betul bahwa Isa ‘alaihis salaam telah wafat dan pada saat yang sama mereka harus mengakui bahwa nubuatan yang terdapat di dalam hadist mengenai munculnya Almasih yang dijanjikan termasuk diantara yang mutawatir, yang tidak bisa diingkari oleh orang yang berakal. Jadi mereka tidak punya pilihan lagi kecuali menerima bahwa Almasih yang dijanjikan akan muncul dari antara orang-orang muslim. Bagaimanapun, mereka berhak bertanya, kenapa mereka harus meyakiniku sebagai Almasih yang dijanjikan, dan atas dasar apa menyatakan pendakwaan ini? Jawabannya adalah bahwa semua tanda-tanda yang disebutkan dalam Al Quran Karim dan hadist mengenai Almasih yang dijanjikan semuanya terkumpul didalam diriku, dimasaku, dan di negeriku; sebagai contoh, masa, negeri dan kota dimana Almasih yang dijanjikan akan muncul, dan keadaan yang menuntut kedatangannya secara khusus, serta ilmu dan makrifat yang akan menjadi sifatnya, semuanya terdapat di dalam diriku. Selain itu, dan untuk lebih memuaskan, aku telah dikuatkan dengan dukungan samawi.' 
karena aku telah diberi wewenang untuk umat Kristen 
maka aku diberi nama ibnu Maryam 
langit sedang menampakkan tanda dan bumi menyatakan bahwa inilah masanya
kedua saksi ini berdiri teguh mendukungku.

untuk menjelaskan: isyarat yang diberikan di dalam teks Al Quran Karim membuktikan bahwa Rasulullah saw. muncul sebagai matsil (permisalan) Musa ‘alaihis salaam, dan bahwa rangkaian khilafat setelah Rasulullah saw. akan sangat serupa dengan rangkaian khilafat yang tegak setelah Musa ‘alaihis salaam Sebagaimana nabi Musa ‘alaihis salaam dijanjikan bahwa diakhir zaman -yakni, ketika kenabian bani Israil akan mencapai akhirnya dan bani Israil akan terpecah-pecah dalam banyak sekte, yang saling bertentangan satu sama lain, sebegitu rupa sehingga sebagian akan mengkafirkan yang lain- Allah Ta'ala akan membangkitkan seorang khalifah, yakni nabi Isa as, untuk mendukung agama Musa as; beliau akan mengumpulkan domba Israel yang tercerai-berai, dan akan menyatukan
domba dan serigala pada satu tempat, dan beliau akan mengatasi perselisihan mereka dan menyingkirkan semua kebencian dan dengki; Begitu pula, orang yang serupa dijanjikan oleh Al Quran di dalam ayat: 'dan diantara kelompok lain dari antara mereka yang belum bergabung dengan mereka... (62:4) Banyak detail mengenai hal ini dijelaskan di dalam hadist. Sebagai contoh, disebutkan bahwa umat muslim akan akan terpecah dalam berbagai firkah seperti Yahudi; mereka akan saling bertentangan dan menyatakan yang lain kafir; dan kebencian dan permusuhan diantara mereka akan meningkat, hingga waktu ketika Almasih yang dijanjikan akan datang sebagai hakim. Dia akan menyingkirkan semua kebencian dan permusuhan. Pada masanya, serigala dan domba akan disatukan. Semua sejarawan mengetahui bahwa, pada waktu kedatangan Yesus as, firkah-firkah bani Israel saling berselisih dan menyatakan satu sama lain sebagai bid'ah dan kafir. Aku juga muncul pada masa ketika perselisihan internal telah berlipat ganda dan setiap firkah telah mulai menyatakan yang lain kafir. Pada masa perselisihan semacam itu, umat muslim memerlukan seorang hakim. Karena itu, Tuhan telah mengutusku sebagai seorang hakim.'

Hadhrat Masih Mau'ud ‘alaihish shalaatu was salaam juga menulis: 'Ini adalah kesamaan yang mengagumkan yang mengenainya Al Quran dan hadist memberikan isyarat yang jelas, bahwa sebagaimana Yesus ‘alaihis salaam lahir pada abad ke-14, 1300 tahun setelah Musa ‘alaihis salaam, begitu pula hamba yang lemah ini juga diutus oleh Allah Ta'ala pada abad ke-14. Nampak bahwa mengenai hal ini para penerima kasyaf ditarik pada kenyataan bahwa kedatangan Almasih yang dijanjikan akan terjadi pada abad ke-14. Allah Ta'ala telah mengisyaratkan hal ini dengan memberiku nama Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Qadiani, sebab nama ini berjumlah 1300. pendeknya, Al Quran Karim dan hadist membuktikan bahwa Almasih yang akan datang, akan muncul pada abad ke-14 dan akan datang pada masa perselisihan dan pertikaian di dalam Islam.

Hadhrat Masih mau'ud ‘alaihish shalaatu was salaam bersabda bahwa Syeikh Ibnu Arabi telah menulis bahwa Almasih yang dijanjikan akan lahir kembar, kembarannya seorang perempuan. Beliau juga menubuatkan bahwa turunnya Almasih yang dijanjikan adalah di Cina, yakni nenek moyangnya akan hidup di wilayah Cina. Kehendak Ilahi menyempurnakan semua ini, sebab Hadhrat Masih Mau'ud ‘alaihish shalaatu was salaam dilahirkan kembar dengan seorang perempuan dan nenek moyang beliau tinggal di Samarkand, yang bersekutu dengan Cina Hadhrat Masih Mau'ud ‘alaihish shalaatu was salaam juga bersabda bahwa sesuai dengan Al Quran Karim sebuah pendakwaan sebagai utusan Tuhan hanya bisa dibuktikan ketika tiga segi membuktikannya. Pertama, hal ini didukung oleh kesaksian yang pasti, jelas dan terang, bahwa, pendakwaan itu tidak bertentangan dengan Kitabullah. Kedua, argumentasi secara akalnya bisa dibuktikan dan benar. Dan ketiga, tanda-tanda samawi mengesahkan sang pendakwa. Beliau bersabda pendakwaan beliau terbukti berdasarkan tiga argumen dan dalil ini. Beliau bersabda bahwa hadist Bukhari menyatakan bahwa Almasih yang dijanjikan yang akan datang, akan berbeda penampilannya dengan Almasih yang terdahulu. Rasulullah saw. melihat dalam kasyaf Almasih yang akan datang bertawaf di Ka'bah, dan menceritakan bahwa beliau berkulit gandum dan rambut lurus, sementara Almasih Israeli ‘alaihis salaam berkulit merah dan rambut keriting, yang membuktikan bahwa Rasulullah saw. menyatakan Almasih yang akan datang sebagai orang yang berbeda dan beliau akan termasuk dari antara orang-orang dimana beliau akan datang.

Juga patut direnungkan bahwa bukan hanya Rasulullah saw. menyebutkan bahwa dua penampilan dua Almasih yang berbeda, tapi ketika menyebutkan mengenai Almasih yang akan datang, beliau di beberapa tempat juga menyebutkan mengenai dajjal. Tetapi beliau tidak menyebutkan tentang dajjal ketika menceritakan mengenai Almasih Israeli. Ini juga membuktikan bahwa beliau menganggap ada dua 'Isa ibnu Maryam'. Poin penting lainnya adalah bahwa Yesus ‘alaihis salaam adalah orang Suriah dan orang Suriah tidak tidak berkulit gandum, sedangkan orang India berkulit gandum. Sejarah Kristen juga memberitahu kita bahwa Yesus ‘alaihis salaam tidak berkulit gandum, tapi berkulit merah seperti orang Suriah. Bagaimanapun kata-kata hadist membuktikan bahwa penampilan Almasih yang akan datang jelas tidak seperti orang Suriah Hadhrat Masih Mau'ud ‘alaihish shalaatu was salaam bersabda bahwa jika para maulwi pada zaman ini menilai dengan jujur, mereka pasti akan mengakui bahwa kasr-e-salib (mematahkan salib secara metafora) adalah tugas mujaddid abad ke-14. Karena ini adalah tugas yang dinisbahkan kepada Almasih yang dijanjikan, kesimpulan yang jelas adalah bahwa mujaddid abad ke-14 adalah Almasih yang dijanjikan. Perbuatan-perbuatan tidak bermoral seperti minum alkohol dan dan zina sudah sangat umum di abad ke-14 begitu juga kerusakan moral lainnya. Bagaimanapun, jika merenungkan orang akan mendapati bahwa alasan dibalik tindakan-tindakan ini adalah ajaran yang berisi bahwa darah/nyawa seorang manusia telah menjadi tebusan berkaitan dengan perhitungan dosa. Inilah alasan kenapa Eropa (Barat) yang paling buruk dalam melakukan dosa-dosa ini. Biasanya, karena pengaruh terus-menerus orang-orang ini, negara-negara lain juga telah menjadi lebih bebas. Meskipun jika orang-orang terbunuh oleh penyakit atau wabah menghancurkan mereka, pikiran mereka bahkan tidak menganggap bahwa ini mungkin adalah hukuman atas perbuatan-perbuatan mereka. Ini karena kecintaan kepada Tuhan telah menjadi dingin dan keagungan-Nya telah berkurang didalam hati. Hadhrat Khalifatul masih bersabda bahwa bencana alam yang menimpa saat ini perlu diperhatikan. Kita juga mesti tertarik kepada doa mengenai hal ini dan orang-orang yang tidak berimanjuga hendaknya berpikir tentang hal ini.

Hadhrat Masih Mau'ud ‘alaihish shalaatu was salaam bersabda bahwa sebagaimana kebebasan yang diberikan oleh konsep penebusan dosa Kristen telah membuat orang-orang Kristen menjadi berani dalam semua tindakan tak bermoral, negara-negara lain juga terpengaruh oleh mereka. Ketidakbermoralan seperti penyakit menular. Jika seorang wanita saleh berteman dengan seorang wanita tak bermoral, dia mungkin tidak melakukan keburukan yang nyata, tapi hatinya akan terpengaruh. Ghairat dan rahmat Tuhan berkehendak untuk menyelamatkan manusia dari pengaruh beracun ajaran Kristen, dan mengungkapkan tipuan besar yang telah membuat seorang manusia menjadi Tuhan. Karena keburukan ini telah mencapai puncaknya pada abad ke-14, karunia Ilahi menghendaki mujaddid abad ke-14 menjadi orang yang mengerjakan kasr-e-salib. Sebab seorang mujaddid seperti seorang dokter, dan menjadi tugas seorang dokter untuk fokus membasmi penyakit yang paling dominan. Jika benar bahwa kasr-e-salib adalah tugas Almasih yang dijanjikan, maka benar pula bahwa mujaddid abad ke-14 yang tugasnya adalah kasr-e-salib, adalah Almasih yang dijanjikan.

Hadhrat Masih Mau'ud ‘alaihish shalaatu was salaam bersabda bahwa disini pertanyaan alami yang muncul adalah bagaimana dan dengan sarana apa Almasih akan melakukan kasr-e-salib. Apakah ini akan dilakukan dengan pertarungan dan peperangan, seperti yang diyakini para maulwi penentang kita, atau dengan cara lain? Keyakinan para maulwi adalah yang paling keliru. Mengadakan peperangan benar-benar bertentangan dengan kedudukan Almasih yang dijanjikan. Justru, kedudukannya menghendaki supaya dia menyingkirkan semua keburukan melalui dali-dali akal, tanda-tanda samawi dan doa. Tuhan telah menganugerahkan senjata ini kepadanya, dan ketiganya punya kekuatan luarbiasa yang tidak akan ada lainnya yang bisa menandinginya. Akhirnya, inilah bagaimana kasr-e-salib akan dilakukan dan keagungan salib akan hilang bagi orang-orang yang berpenglihatan tajam. Berangsur-angsur pintu luas untuk menerima tauhid akan terbuka. Semua ini akan terjadi secara bertahap sebab pekerjaan Tuhan adalah secara bertahap. Kemajuan Islam di zaman awal adalah secara bertahap, dan diakhir zaman Islam juga akan kembali kepada kedudukannya yang semula secara bertahap.

Hadhrat Masih Mau'ud ‘alaihish shalaatu was salaam menulis: 'hendaknya diingat bahwa kata 'Imam zaman' meliputi semua nabi, rasul, muhaddast dan mujaddid. Tapi orang yang tidak diutus oleh Tuhan untuk mendidik dan memberi petunjuk kepada makhluk Allah, tidak pula mereka mereka diberi keunggulan semacam itu, tidak peduli walaupun mereka adalah wali atau pir, tidak bisa disebut Imam zaman. Akhirnya kita sampai pada kesimpulan: Siapakah Imam di zaman ini, yang semua umat muslim, semua orang-orang suci, dan semua orang yang melihat mimpi-mimpi benar dan wahyu harus mengikutinya? Dengan ini aku mendakwakan, tanpa keraguan apapun, bahwa, dengan rahmat dan karunia Allah, Dia telah menyatukan semua tanda dan isyarat ini di dalam dirikku dan telah mengutusku pada pergantian abad ini, yang darinya 15 tahun telah berlalu. Aku muncul pada waktu ketika semua ajaran Islam, tanpa kecuali, aku muncul pada saat ketika semua ajaran Islam, tanpa kecuali, penuh dengan pertentangan. Begitu pula, berkaitan dengan turunnya Almasih ‘alaihis salaam, pandangan yang sangat keliru telah menyebar. Perselisihan begitu hebat sehingga sebagian mempercayai Yesus ‘alaihis salaam (masih) hidup sedangkan yang lain meyakini beliau telah wafat; sebagian meyakini turunnya beliau dengan jasad kasar, sementara yang lain meyakini turunnya secara kiasan. Sebagian berpikir bahwa beliau akan turun di Damaskus, yang lainnya di Mekah, dan yang lain lagi di Yerusalem. Sebagian mengira beliau akan muncul di dalam tentara muslim, dan yang lainnya berpikir beliau akan turun di India. Semua keyakinan dan pernyataan yang bertentangan ini menghendaki seorang Hakim untuk datang dan menghakimi diantara mereka. Dan akulah Hakim tersebut. Aku telah dikirim untuk mematahkan salib, dalam pengertian ruhani, dan menyingkirkan perselisihan-perselisihan ini.

Ini adalah dua alasan yang memerlukan kedatanganku. Meskipun tidak perlu bagiku mengadakan bukti lain apapun untuk mendukung kebenaranku -sebab keperluan adalah bukti yang cukup- meski demikian Allah Ta'ala telah menampakkan banyak tanda untuk mendukungku. Karena itu, sebagaimana aku adalah hakim untuk mengumumkan keputusan dalam segala perselisihan lainnya, begitu pula aku adalah hakim dalam perselisihan mengenai hidup dan matinya Yesus ‘alaihis salaam Aku menyatakan bahwa pendirian yang diambil oleh Imam Malik rh, Ibnu Hazm rh. Dan mu'tazilah, adalah benar, dan aku meyakini bahwa semua ahli sunah lainnya salah. Karena itu, dalam kedudukanku sebagai hakim, dengan ini aku memberikan keputusan bahwa ahlu sunah benar hanya sejauh berkaitan dengan keyakinan dasar mengenai turunnya Yesus, sebab beliau sudah ditetapkan untuk turun, sekalipun dalam pengertian rohani. Mereka telah keliru dalam hal cara turunnya, sebab itu adalah secara kiasan, bukan secara dzahir/literal. Mengenai pertanyaan tentang wafatnya Yesus ‘alaihis salaam, Mu'tazilah, Imam Malik, Ibnu Hazm, dan orang-orang lainnya yang berpandangan sama, adalah benar, sebab menurut sumber yang jelas dari ayat beberkat 'tapi setelah Engkau mewafatkan aku...' (5:118) Almasih pasti telah wafat sebelum umat Kristen menjadi sesat. Ini adalah keputusanku sebagai hakim. Orang yang tidak menerimanya, tidak menerima Dia yang telah mengutusku sebagai hakim. Jika ditanyakan, 'Apa buktinya bahwa kamu adalah hakim?' jawabannya adalah bahwa waktu yang ditetapkan untuk Hakim tersebut adalah saat ini, begitu pula orang-orang yang pandangan kelirunya tentang salib mesti diralat oleh hakim. Tanda yang akan muncul untuk mendukung hakim telah muncul, dan terus muncul. Langit memperlihatkan tanda begitu pula bumi. Beberkatlah orang yang matanya tidak tertutup. 

Beliau juga menulis: 'Para penentangku hendaknya merenungkan di dalam hati mereka bahwa jika aku adalah Almasih yang dijanjikan, apakah diperbolehkan bahwa, hanya demi seorang raja, mereka mencaci maki dan mengutuk seseorang yang Rasulullah saw. telah menggambarkannya sebagai salah satu tangan beliau, dan kepadanya beliau saw. telah mengirimkan salam, dan yang beliau sebut hakim, pemberi keputusan, imam dan wakil Tuhan? Hendaknya mereka menahan amarah mereka dan merenungkan, bukan demi aku tapi demi Tuhan dan rasul-Nya saw., apakah perlakuan semacam itu kepada orang yang mendakwakan semacam itu adalah benar? Aku tidak ingin memperpanjang hal ini sebab kasusku melawan kalian ditunda di langit. Jika aku adalah orang yang sama yang telah dijanjikan melalui bibir suci Rasulullah saw., maka kalian telah berdosa, bukan terhadapku tapi terhadap Tuhan. Sendainya tidak disebutkan di dalam hadist bahwa dia akan dianiaya dan dikutuk, kalian tidak akan berani menganiaya aku seperti yang telah kalian lakukan. Tapi adalah perlu bahwa semua yang ditakdirkan dan ditetapkan oleh Tuhan, dan yang masih bisa ditemukan di dalam kitab-kitab kalian mesti sempurna, dan supaya kalian terbukti bersalah. Kalian membaca kitab-kitab tersebut dan kemudian, dengan terus menyatakan aku kafir dan mengutukku, kalian meneguhkan bahwa kamu adalah evil divines and their ilk, yang akan menyatakan Mahdi seorang kafir dan menentang Almasih. Aku telah mengundang kalian berkali-kali untuk datang kepadaku supaya keraguan kalian disingkirkan, tapi tidak ada diantara kalian yang maju kedepan. Aku mengundang setiap orang untuk sebuah keputusan akhir tapi tidak ada seorangpun yang memberikan perhatian. Aku menyarankan supaya kalian berdoa kepada Tuhan dan memohon kepada-Nya dengan airmata supaya Dia mengungkapkan kebenaran kepada kalian, tapi kalian tidak melakukan apapun dan bersikeras dalam penentangan kalian. Sungguh Tuhan telah berfirman mengenai aku: seorang juru ingat telah datang ke dunia dan dunia tidak menerimanya, tapi Tuhan akan menerimanya dan akan menyatakan kebenarannya dengan serangan-serangan yang dahsyat.

Apakah mungkin bahwa seseorang itu benar, tetapi tetap dihancurkan? Apakah mungkin bahwa seseorang dari Tuhan tapi dibinasakan? Hai manusia, jangan menentang Tuhan. Ini adalah masalah yang Tuhan telah tetapkan demi kamu dan demi agamamu, maka jangan meletakkan rintangan-rintangan di hadapannya. Kamu mungkin berdiri teguh dihadapan petir tapi kamu tidak punya kekuatan untuk menentang Tuhan. Jika semua ini adalah pekerjaan manusia, tidak ada serangan kalian yang diperlukan. Tuhan sendiri yang akan menghancurkan aku. Sayang! Langit memberikan kesaksian tapi kalian tidak mendengar; bumi meneriakkan: seseorang diperlukan, seseorang diperlukan, tapi kalian tidak memperhatikan! Hai orang-orang yang sial! Bangkit dan lihatlah bahwa pada waktu kesulitan ini, Islam telah diinjak-injak di bawah telapak kaki dan telah difitnah seperti penjahat. Islam telah dianggap termasuk golongan pendusta dan telah dituliskan termasuk diantara yang tidak suci. Maka tidakkah kecemburuan Tuhan bangkit pada saat semacam itu? Maka pahamilah bahwa langit sedang didekatkan dan hari-hari itu telah dekat ketika setiap telinga akan mendengar pernyataan: 'Aku ada'