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Friday, 27 February 2015

Muhammad SAW is our Leader and Guide (Persian Poem)

That Prophet whose name is Muhammad;
We are forever holding on to his lap.

His love that entered our bodies with the milk of ourmothers;
Became our very life, and will last till death.

He is the best of the Prophets and best of the creation;
Prophethood found perfection in him.

We drink deep the water of his fountain,
Whoever has been satiated, has been satiated by it.

Whatever revelation or inspiration is granted to us;
Is because of him, not because of us.

Through him are we blessed with guidance and perfection;
Without him, meeting the Eternal Lord is impossible.

To follow every one of his commandments is ingrained in me;
Whatever is proven to be from him is my faith.

[Siraj-e-Munir, Ruhani Khaza’in Vol. 12, p. 95]

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