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Wednesday, 18 February 2015

O God, the Relief of my Troubles! (Persian Poem

O God, my Lord,
You alone are the Cure of my troubles!

The remedy of our cries, You alone are the balm of our lacerated souls!
And You alone are the comfort of our ailing hearts.

With Your compassion, You have borne every burden of ours;
And with Your grace our trees bear fruit and flowers.

Through sheer grace and mercy You protect us and cover our sins;
With absolute kindness, You are the Friend of the friendless.

When a helpless servant of Yours is heart-stricken,
All of a sudden You provide remedy for his ailment.

When a humble one is surrounded by darkness,
And so unexpectedly You cause myriads of suns and moons to appear.

The beauty, the goodness and charm—all attained perfection in You;
After seeing You, everything else loses its charm.

Wise is he who is madly in love with You;
He is the light of the company who is fond of You.

His faith suddenly comes alive
Who falls in love with You heart and soul.

Your love becomes evident from his face and;
From every nook and corner of his being Your fragrance issues forth.

You grant him millions of favours by Your grace;
You make the sun and the moon to lie prostrate before him.

You are ever ready to support him;
One look at him reminds us of Your face.

Many a marvel in this world
Do You exhibit for his sake.

You do the job and also get it done;
You Yourself make this bazaar flourish.

In an instant You turn dust into something valuable;
So that the whole world gains light from its manifestations.

When You visit someone with grace;
You transform him from the mundane into the celestial.

[Brahin-e-Ahmadiyya, Ruhani Khaza’in, Vol. 1, p. 626-627]

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