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Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Seek Him Alone O Friends (Urdu Poem)

He watches over you while
You set your heart upon others!
What does He lack which
You seek to find in the idols?

Reflecting upon the sun,
We did not find that light which is His;
When we turned to the moon,
That too was not like the Beloved.

He is the One, has no partner,
And is Imperishable;
All others are prey to death,
He alone is Eternal.

All goodness lie
In loving Him;
Seek Him alone, O friends,
Idols are unfaithful.

Why are you fond
Of this blighted abode?
This place a veritable hell,
Not a garden!

[Tashhidh-ul-Adh-han, December 1908]

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