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Thursday, 26 February 2015

Our Leader SAW (Urdu Poem)

He is our leader, who is the source of all light;
His name is Muhammadsa; he alone is my beloved.
All Prophets are holy, one better than the other;
But from the Almighty, he is the best of the creation.
He is far better than those before him, he is a darling in his qualities;
Every eye is focused on him, he is the full moon which dispels all darkness.
Those who came earlier, were fatigued halfway; He it is who brought us to the shore;
May I be a sacrifice; he alone is the guide.
He removed the screen, and showed the secret path;
He joined the hearts to the Beloved, such a friend he is!
That Friend, beyond all physical limitations, that Unseen Beloved;
We saw through him, so he is the true guide.
Today he is the King of faith; the Crown of the apostles;
He is pure and holy, this is his eulogy.
All commandments ordained by the True God were demonstrated in practice by him;
He revealed all secrets, an excellent gift is this.
His vision is far-reaching like a telescope, his heart is close to the Friend;
In his hands is the light of faith; he is the fountain of light.
He revealed the weighty secrets of faith;
He is the King who grants wealth.
I am a sacrifice at that light; I belong entirely to him;
He is all, what worth do I possess? This is the final verdict.
That Unique Beloved is the source of all learning;
All else is a mere tale, this is the truth unblemished.
We found everything through him, O Allah You are a witness;
He is that manifestor of Beauty, who showed us the Truth.
We were blind of the heart, with hundreds of knots upon the hearts;
The one who opened the locks is this very Mujtaba— accepted one.

[Qadian ke Arya aur Hum, Ruhani Khaza’in Vol. 20, p. 456]

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