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Thursday, 26 February 2015

Fire of Devotion to the Beauty of Muhammad SAW (Persian Poem)

I am ready to offer my heart and soul
For the beauty of Muhammad SAW;
My body is merely the dust of the lane
Treaded by the progeny of Muhammad SAW.

I have seen with my heart’s eye
And heard with perceptive ears;
The trumpet of the beauty of Muhammad SAW
Echoes everywhere.

This ever-flowing water which I distribute
Freely among God’s creatures;
Is but a drop from the ocean
Of the excellences of Muhammad SAW.

The fire that burns within me
Is the fire of the love of Muhammad SAW;
The water that I possess
Is from the sweet and pure water of Muhammad SAW.

[Majmu‘ah Ishtiharat, Vol. 1, p. 97]

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