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Thursday, 26 February 2015

Manifestation of the Eternal God (Persian Poem)

Except the Lord of Mercy,
Who can ever comprehend the lofty station of Ahmadsa.
He effaced himself to such an extent
As if the letter ‘M’ had fallen away from the name

So lost was he in the Beloved Lord,
That because of his extreme love
His person became the very similitude
Of the Gracious Lord.

From his holy countenance
Emanates the fragrance of the True Beloved;
His divinely inspired person and its attributes
Became the very mirror of the Eternal Lord.

Even if I am accused of heresy and disbelief,
I cannot help saying:
There is no loftier Divine Throne
Than the heart of the Holy Prophet—Ahmadsa.

God be thanked
That despite opposition on the part of the worldly-wise
I would court a thousand and one troubles
For the sake of that Spring of Grace.

By the grace of God
And by His bounties
I am an enemy of the Pharaoh and his hordes,
Because I love this Moses of mine—the Holy Prophetsa.

The unique and exalted station Of the Holy Prophetsa as revealed to me (was so passing strange) that I can't help proclaiming it aloud
If only I could find One eager heart along the path.

This alone is my wish, my prayer, and my firm resolve
That may my heart and soul be sacrificed
In the sacred path of love
For the Holy Prophet Muhammadsa.
[Taudih-e-Maram, Ruhani Khaza’in, Vol. 3, pp. 62-63]

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